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Longtime fans of international football will be impressed by the recent release of FIFA 14. This game is the latest in a string of titles that have managed to bring all of the excitement competitive football on to video game consoles.


It features some expansive game play options and realistic character models that will impress anyone who follows the sport. All of the characters will be placed on their respective teams and given corresponding abilities that match their skill level. There is a reason why many people have opted to try this game since it was first released in September, 2013.
It will feature some incredible new options for customizing teams and will not disappoint anyone who has tried previous versions of the series. It will also include some continuous updates that will be released soon, which will help keep the game feeling fresh for a longer amount of time.

First, nearly everyone will be impressed by the revamped version of the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. This will give players the chance they need to stack their team with some of the biggest stars in the world. There will even be a historical mode available, which will help people add in players like Pele and Dennis Bergkamp. Players can link up online through the FIFA 14 network, where they will be able to customize their perfect game.
The FUT game mode will offer people the chance to customize the way that they play online as well. They could set up a single game match, which will just pit two players against one another. Players can also enjoy an extended play option that will add in new games to a series. Players can agree on whether they might like to customize corner kick rules and other unique features within the game itself.

There are some surprisingly realistic elements that have been integrated in to the game itself. Of course, the characters will be well rendered and will actually resemble their respective models. There are also over 32 different stadiums that have been designed for the game. These are based on real stadium models that are located throughout the world. Hardcore fans of international football will likely recognize some of the features of these stadiums and will immediately be drawn in to the action in the game. There are dozens of real football clubs from throughout the world that have been licensed and featured within FIFA 14.
There is a demo release of the game for anyone interested in how the basic game play stacks up with this release. The demo will only involve a few different teams and will offer limited styles of play, but this will be a great choice for anyone wondering how it will work.


Fifa does not have any opponents anymore. Once upon a time, Pro Evolution Soccer, the game made in Konami was the king of the simulation but, since 2008, Fifa take the throne ! Game over for P.E.S, until when ?!


Ultimately, this release adds to the overall legacy of the FIFA game series. It has incorporated some interesting new elements that many people will appreciate. There is a new momentum series that will help ramp up the action at the 45 and 90 minute marks. This will change up the experience and get players engaged in their own style of play. There are plenty of different team strategies that can be used to take advantage of players’ abilities.
The game will even feature several different singe and multi-player modes that will draw in a considerable amount of attention. This will help make sure that everyone gets the experience that they want to find when they try out FIFA 14 for themselves.


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  1. No better sports game when playing with friends in RL. The emotion. The fun. The tension! Great game! I hate EA but they make some damn good sports games.

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