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The release of FEAR Online will be a free to download and free to play game, which will follow up on the story set down by the original game in the series. It is a first person shooter style game, but it has its own unique elements added to the game as well. The game will include considerable amounts of supernatural and horror elements, which forms the core of the storyline.


You will play the role of a special forces soldier that has been assigned to neutralize and contain a supernatural threat that has broken out. You will be able to collect a wide arsenal of different weapons and develop psychic abilities of your own. This will allow you to customize your character to a great degree, which may be appealing to many players.
When you create a character in the game, you will have the option of choosing one of two different factions available to you. You can work with the Armacham Technology Corporation or Redacted, who are both operating in their own interests revolving around this situation. The former is a team of mercenaries and the latter is a new organization that has been created by the government. Both of them will be vying to take control of the situation on their own terms and will use force if necessary.
When you join in on the fight, you will quickly be able to take control of a soldier fighting on one of these teams. You can choose to try out the PvP or PvE modes, both of which will test your skills in this exciting game.


Though there have been many first person shooters released over the years, FEAR Online has proven to be unique already. It is one of the few FPS style games that incorporates these kinds of supernatural elements within the game play. You can create your own characters and provide them with psychic abilities while you take on these different kinds of enemies. You also have games like Call of Duty and Battlefield who offers great features.
This sets it apart from many other FPS games like this two last, which tend to emphasize more realistic combat conditions. These supernatural elements may appeal to many players, since they incorporate an original element for FEAR Online.


This game is likely to make a positive impression on the gaming community and particularly among its established fan base. The FEAR franchise has been building for almost a decade now, so there are many players out there interested in this kind of release. They may want to try this game out for themselves, especially once the official version is released.

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