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Tennis enthusiasts who have no arena to play the game have a reason to smile because Alaplaya has created an online MMORPG game based on Tennis sports.

Unlike any other sports game which take players to modernity, Fantasy Tennis present the ancient times where, Niki, a young lad from the present unexpectedly finds himself in a whirlwind caused by novice witch Lunlun. On the contrary, if a player chooses to be a girl, Lunlun becomes the character and Niki transforms to a witch. The aim is to have an opponent since the game of tennis requires two to play.


The game is an anime-inspired graphics with variety of modes to choose from. Novice players begin with the basic mode that is simple and straightforward. First, the player has to login from the home website and create a character. Afterwards, the player will be taken through a tutorial where they will learn about smash shots and power shots; the two components that helps one to build a reputation. In the basic mode, there are two categories to choose from, the basic singles and basic doubles. Basic singles is a simple one on one match while basic doubles is a corporation between two players to win.
Advanced modes such as battle mode, guardian mode and battlemon mode are intense thus requiring the player to concentrate and add more effort. Fantasy Tennis may look an ordinary game, what sets it apart from the normal game play is the captivating storyline.


Fantasy Tennis presents a unique gameplay as compared to other 3D MMO. The game seems boring at the start and gets more intense as one progresses to newer levels. Playing the game is quite emotional as one tries to win over the opponents. The ability to include and rely on pets while gaming brings out the fun factor in the game especially when the pet is accurate at delivering shots. Another factor that makes Fantasy tennis quite interesting is the ability to face godlike beasts in a tennis match. You hardly witness such epics in a regular sports game!


Fantasy tennis presents no character customization thereby making the characters appear the same from one game to the other. As an online multi-player game, it is quite difficult to distinguish characters when a player is playing at a community platform. The shop has limited items to purchase from and this translates to limited customization. The publishing company has not been stable in maintaining the online servers, which always result to latency issues. Overall, the game is fun to play since it is engaging, emotional and players don’t need a sharp mind to win a match.

The BETA VERSION of the new season is coming soon !!


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