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We publish books about it; we make movies out of it. Somehow, the eye to the future had captured contemporary minds. What really does lie ahead in 50 to maybe a thousand years in the future? Combine this curiosity with our need for entertainment and we have one massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that is taking the world by storm: Face of Mankind.


The game is set on a futuristic world of anarchy and violence. Humans had left earth because of overcrowding and depletion of natural resources which urged them to build the Vortex Network that enables intergalactic travel. The human race had built colonies on different planets across galaxies but with the fall of the Dominion – the highest seat of power, human colonies are now left to themselves. Now, what’s left of mankind is the will to survive each other. Can you handle the future?

What is great about Face of Mankind is that it allows players to play the game their way. You can fully customize your character instead of following a straight path or a certain class. It allows you to progress at your own pace and even gives you the chance to learn every skill available; if you play long enough. This game allows you to interact with other players and explore as much as you can within the face of mankind universe with no restrictions or number of companions or how large your factions are. The skill system is also unique with a time-based platform so you don’t just go out and collect experience by repeating the same tasks over and over again.


As mentioned, Face of Mankind has no classes in which your character can experiment and experience. You can learn any skill from any job set and progress on the skills which matters most to you. It gives players more freedom with their character which makes it enjoyable. What’s more unique about this game is that it has its own economy!
Everything that is bought, manufactured and sold affects the game’s market for available items. Within the game, everything you do leaves an imprint even if you logged off. Other players can put bounties on you, kill you on sight (on specific locations) and interact.


Face of Mankind is a fresh, interesting and very interactive game. While not for MMORPG beginners because of its complicated controls, its programming is intricate, sophisticated and intelligent. Graphics are not bad at all compared to other MMORPG games. Face of mankind is made for those who are seeking more than just an online escapade, but an intergalactic adventure.


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