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Exalight is a free to play massively multiplayer online racing game that employs futuristic vehicles for you to find your way to glory and fame. Being a racing game, winning in Exalight certainly depends heavily on driving skills and the tactical use of weapons and powers.


It is set in a mythical world with four major cities namely Piro Piro, Zhuu, Jawal and Myriath. Each of these cities has its clan or faction that is unique to itself except that they all share the goal of reaching the paradise of Arcadia. Getting there requires great determination, stamina and heroic will.
Journeys through the cities are interesting as each has three districts namely the merchant district where you can buy spare parts or upgrade your hardware, the residential district where players get to meet and discuss their racing experiences, future possibilities and make or break alliances and the racing district where all the shooting, the racing and the fun happens.

The game is free to download and can also be played online. Players have to create their anime avatar after which they join the 3D world of Exalight. Each of the clans or factions is playable and they display excellent driving and visual skills that are hard to beat and who compete with you to death! What makes Exalight an amazing creation is that the vehicles can not only float about speeds of up to 500 miles per hour but also that the more you play and win races, the better the appearance and performance of your vehicle becomes getting you closer to Arcadia. Exalight employs RPG game play element to help players understand the game and discover its potential, with the first 10 levels being equivalent to tutorials.


Compared with other racing games like Grand theft auto or Space race, the thrill is almost the same or even more refined in Exalight. The weapons and hardware are as futuristic as they get and the graphic quality is just as good as a French holiday tour. What makes Exalight really cool is because it has social dimensions, team work and players can even select the special powers of their avatars! Plus leaning the intricacies of the game is quite easy.


Not so many games come as free and as fantastic as Exalight. With Exalight reloaded, your imagination couldn’t possibly hope for more. It’s a good piece of art, beautifully executed and packaged for today’s gamer. Not to mention that the player has more freedoms in this game than are permissible elsewhere. Who to kill, what turn to make, who is your friend and where the hell Arcadia is are good questions to begin with.


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