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Everquest Next is the sequel to the games in the Everquest franchise, but the storyline of the game doesn’t build upon any of the other games. This MMORPG is expected to have very similar gameplay to the original Everquest, while building on that gameplay with features that have been released in more modern MMOs out on the market today. In short it should be an upgraded role playing experience, that takes players back to the original Everquest experience that so many enjoyed with plenty of new twists and features that you would never expect in this genre.


In Everquest there are three different storage options that will be used. You can store your items in personal storage, claims, and vaults. Personal storage is the storage that you have on your body, and will be the inventory that you access while running around. Claims are storage at your property and they can only be accessed at that one location. Vault storage is a shared storage system. When you are at your vault you will be able to access all the other vaults as well which makes it easy to transfer items between different characters. The game also relies on a system of resources such as gems, wood, and metal. These resources along with patterns will be found out in the world of Landmark. Higher rarity resources will be more difficult to find and farther out into the world, and you will need improved harvesting tools to gather them.
One major feature that you will see in Everquest Next that you won’t see in other MMORPGs is full destructibility. You can break the buildings, the land, and just about anything else in the game as you see fit. Much like many single player role playing games like Skyrim your actions determine where you go in the game. If you choose to harm NPC’s in the game, or to avoid helping out those who are in trouble you may find yourself aligned toward evil. Different quests and alliances will form based on how you interact with different characters in the world, and in this way you truly can shape your own destiny inside the game.
Everquest Next comes with a world creation system that allows you to edit your own worlds and share them with other players. The system gives you access to high quality images, and powerful editing tools that allow you to create some really impressive looking worlds.


Everquest Next can be compared to games such as Everquest II, World of Warcraft and Guildwars. While it will be similar to all of these games thanks to all of the standard MMORPG features such as leveling, crafting, and dungeons, it is also going to be very different. A fully destructible environment is something that no other mainstream MMORPG offers to its players. None of these worlds offer a world builder either which is another major feature that will differentiate it from other games on the market.


Everquest Next is a MMORPG to watch closely. It is being developed with a whole new set of features that you won’t find in any of the current games. It looks like an interesting twist to MMORPGs and should be a fun way to spend your time when it is released. Players will enjoy the open sandbox world creation system as well as the wide open world to explore and conquer. This new game has a lot to offer to fans of MMORPGs and fans of Everquest.

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