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For those of you who love free games online, this is another one from the French studio F4. In the MMO game, you will find a fictional setting where a player has the privilege of choosing from a set of six different sports events namely football, basketball, skiing, bobsleigh, tennis and track and field events. The game has three different theme cities in France, Arabia and the United Kingdom.


To play this game, you must have a computer with the following minimum system specifications; you need Windows XP/ Vista, you should have a minimum of 4GB hard drive space and 1GB of random access memory modules. Your CPU must also hit over 2 GHz and a Geforce 5600 graphic video card will help you get the best images to make the game livelier.

In a sector that is very competitive, every MMO game developer considers competition from rivals when developing any applications. The game also offers a robust interactive feature that allows a player to join clubs within the platform where they can share ideas, gifts and even compete against each other.
With many games to choose from within the platform, the developers are keen to offer even more features that can help the game compete well against others in the online gaming market. Some new features hitting the net include an option to enter two doubles tournament for tennis players as well as the long anticipated schedule of events that allows a player to plan a game before hand.


A major thing that most users point out is the swift and easy download and installation process of the application. Unlike other multi-player games of similar standards that have very complex installation processes, this one downloads in minutes and installs without any difficulties. Another thriller is the character creation at the beginning of the game. Unlike in many other cases where the size and strength of your character may influence success or failure, that is only a cosmetic addition to the game with this application.


As the MMO gaming world continues to change, many more applications are likely to hit the market. This means that the features can only get better. As for F4, the main challenge is to make the character more practical because that will increase competitiveness and make the game more interesting. At the moment, it stands out as a good multi-player MMO worth trying out especially considering that it is free.


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