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Elsword is a side scrolling action MMORPG or massive multiplayer online role playing game. In the game there are several different characters to choose from with unique abilities and backstories. This action intensive game relies on cute graphics and sharp animations to make it look interesting, but it is fun for anyone who enjoys fast-paced team centric games.


There are eight different classes in this game and among each of the different classes there are three different specializations that you can choose as well. A specialization changes the abilities that your character has available to them and changes the way that you play your character. The game has a player versus environment mode where you and your teammates come together to fight the computer controlled enemies, and there is a player versus player mode where you can match your skills up against other real-life players. In the player versus environment mode you have eight different regions to explore with 6 dungeons in each region. Each of these dungeons can be explored by a set of up to four players at a time.
The dungeons are all focused around a single hub town, and you can pick up a set of quests that you can complete while working your way through the dungeons. In the player versus player mode you can have between two and eight people in a single arena. There are team battles and free-for-all brawls that you can participate in. In the team battles the players are split into two equal teams that have to face off against each other.


There are several free competitors to Elsword such as Wind Slayer and Maple Story. One benefit to playing Wind Slayer rather than Elsword is the in-depth crafiting system that it has in place. Maple Story is older than either of the other two games, and has less features than they do but it has a massive amount of content to go through. Elsword is a little more fast paced, and it has a nice backstory to help it remain interesting and exciting to play. If you play very heavily and want access to the most content then Maple Story is a great option, if you are looking for a very fun and exciting game to play then you won’t find one better than Elsword.


If you enjoy playing fast-paced games with friends then Elsword is the perfect game for you. There is more than enough content to keep you busy working through the game for a long time, and even after you finish all of the dungeons the player versus player mode provides plenty of entertainment. This game is seriously challenging when you get to the top level dungeons that you have to face, and there are enough difficulty levels present to keep even the most skilled players challenged and wanting more.


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