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Dust 514 is a massive first person shooter game that pits players in battles of up to 24 versus 24. The game allows players to progress to higher and more powerful levels, and the entire universe is tied together allowing players to affect the game as they complete different battles. The game features sharp visuals, and fast paced action that keeps players on their toes. The addition of vehicles and a wide variety of weapons will allow players to make more strategic moves to affect the overall outcome of the battle.


In the large-scale battles there is a variety of different vehicles that you can operate to take out the opposing team. There are small quick vehicles and heavily armored slow vehicles. There are also flying transport vehicles that can quickly move troops from one section of the map to the other. The game features a very high level of customization that is unprecedented in most first person shooter games. You can choose a unique combination of skills, attributes, and weapons to create a soldier that fights exactly the way you want him to.
The leveling system provides additional skills and the ability to use more advanced weapons and operate more powerful vehicles than before. When you play on Dust 514 your character will have a drop suit that can be fitted with a variety of different weapons or equipment pieces that allow the character to excel at specific functions while out on the battlefield. During the matches there is also a single commander chosen for each of the teams. This commander takes on a strategic role making the big decisions for the match without actually fighting in it. Eve Online players will enjoy that Dust 514 ties into the Eve Online universe and player battles tie into corporate wars in the Eve Universe.


The main competitors to Dust 514 are games such as Call of Duty and Halo since they are fast paces first person shooters. There is a major difference between this game and most of the standard first person shooters and that is character progression, customization, and the massive world aspect. By playing Dust you are affecting the Eve universe and actually interacting with other players from that massive world. When you play other action games you are simply worried about your current match, and you aren’t actually altering a universe in the process.


If you like first person shooter games then you will enjoy Dust 514 but there is much more than standard aim and blast shooting. There is a heavy amount of customization and character progression in this game that makes it into something more in-depth. Players who want something more than just randomly shooting characters will get fulfillment from Dust, since they will be working towards more throughout the difficult matches and tough customization choices.


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