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If you are looking for a standard online role-playing game then Dungeon Party isn’t the game for you. Teams of characters are pitted against one another and they have to fight their way through different bosses and special treasure locations. It is a match to the end and you will develop your character as fast as possible over the course of a match, rather than over the course of your total playing career.


Dungeon Party is a really unique role-playing game and it comes with several features that you won’t find in other role-playing games. For one thing you play in two different teams against one another, but you won’t be focusing on killing the other players. Instead you will be trying to get treasure, and defeat map enemies.
There is a wide range of traps throughout the map that make trying to navigate an interesting affair. You have to look out for traps around every corner. There is also a variety of different enemies that you have to face and they rely on different techniques to defeat you so different battles require different strategies. As you take out enemies you will be rewarded with experience that you can use to purchase new spells to make the tasks ahead of you easier. Each time you start a new match your character is reset to his base level and you have to power him up throughout the match.
The choices that you make when you spend your experience will determine how your character functions, and it is a race against the clock to get the most powerful character and gather the treasure. Another impressive feature of the game is the dungeon editor. You can create your own dungeon and face off against other teams in your custom-created domain. This adds plenty of replay value to the game and helps you customize your experience further.


The closest comparison I can make with Dungeon Party is League of Legends. Both games are completely free to play and they both operate with a similar system. Both games have you work to develop your character into a more powerful weapon throughout the match. The main difference is that Dungeon Party is much more complex than League of Legends with their maps.
There are bosses to fight rather than simple PVP gameplay. There are also traps to worry about, and arguably more strategy going on to win a match. Most players say that Dungeon Party offers an experience that remains satisfying longer than League of Legends which eventually grows stale.


If you enjoy role playing games you will probably like Dungeon Party. The game uses a pretty unique system and offers truly different gameplay. It’s a great alternative to the MMORPG games out there if you are looking for something different to try out.



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