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Dragon Nest is a unique fantasy online game that emphasizes on skill based combos and fights. It was initially released in 2010 to the Korean market. It allows the player to choose among four classes that have sub-classes, as you comprehend the different colorful anime environments.


Non-targeting system: it features a non-targeting gameplay that creates a fast-paced action filled adventure. The players choose from a range of heroic classes and characters that are equipped with customizable weapons and gears.

  • Cash shop: This in game shop allows players to utilize real currency when purchasing equipment that are not available in the game. Purchasing special equipment can assist in developing your characters.
  • Storyline: Dragon Nest has a simple and easy to comprehend storyline. The storyline is interesting and encourages the player to take adventures that are more challenging.
  • Characters: it features numerous playable characters which players can play, advance classes and develop skills. These characters include;
  • Warrior: This young orphan known as Xian is on a long journey to become the greatest warrior ever so that he can surpass his lost father. Strong and brave, the young warrior never back down from any battle.
  • Cleric: it features an aristocrat son who had a strained relationship and was sent to a monastery where he found comfort in the Order teachings. No matter the strength of his opponents, the Cleric is always collected and calm.
  • Academic: this a well versed scholar in the biochemical and engineering sciences. She was sent from the future on a time altering and important mission. She uses her intelligence to avoid front-lines but wreaks havoc on battlefields.
  • Assassin: the assassin is skilled in art assassination but cursed with a split personality. The young man has a personal vendetta.
  • Archer: the Archer hails from a far land and is on a mission to discover her right purpose. Failing to discover her purpose will have severe consequences.


As compared to other online games, Dragon Nest has a lot of unique features and adventures to offer. However, it is not so different from other games such as World of Warcraft. Those who have played other online fast paced and less repetitive games will require learning less to progress on Dragon Nest. Nonetheless, it offers different adventures for each class, something that some MMORPG games lack.


Dragon Nest is a great game that features super production value in terms of voice acting, cinematic, entertaining skill based fighting and great story lines. Somehow, it aspires to provide a quality and polished game like in the traditional MMO’s. Though some people are turned off by its light-hearted tone and cartoon graphics, they are the right ingredients for long-term game play.


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