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Dota 2 is an online free to play multiplayer video game that was released on July 2013. The game is exclusively available on the Valve’s content delivery platform. It is a battle arena that is divided into matches. Each match has at least two teams, both having five players and occupy a defined stronghold at either end of the map. Each of the players possess a hero character that they try to level up and acquire items as they fight against the opponents to achieve victory.


  • Lasting appeal: it offers a wide scope to boost your skills and learn more about new characters and their roles in the game. This makes its competitive aspect unique.
  • Interface: it features a well-structured tutorial system that offers lessons to new players. This is a general presentation of the layout and functionality of the game.
  • Heroes: Dota 2 features a number of heroes that vary greatly in the skill-set, mechanics and play style. Each hero has his or her own designated battlefield roles. For example, you should play supports with tougher heroes. Heroes assist creeps through killing other creeps and destroying structures.
  • Own language: Dota 2 is a complex game that demands its own sub – language that born of necessity. The language describes some of Dota 2’s less intuitive concepts and is nurtured by a dedicated community.
  • It features a professional scene that is well integrated into the menu system. This allows players to purchase live stream tickets easily.


Just like other PvP games, Dota 2 has its best and worst attributes. It is designed in a unique manner that ensures that the player never stops learning and encountering reasons that trigger you to want to know more. One of its worst attributes is that it offers little or no support to low and medium skilled players. New players find it difficult to comprehend the trisected map that never changes. In addition, a player is cannot quit a losing battle as is the case with other games like League of Legends. However, as a player, you will never be in a position to play Dota 2 to master all its strategies and tricks.


In my opinion, Dota 2 is here to stay. It has been around for almost a decade now and is a fun game that has not lost relevance. Dota 2 is an amazing PvP game that offers some intriguing and most nuanced team combat around. As with most multiplayer games, there are times when less considerate players mar the enjoyment. However, when a player gives it their all, the game can be very enjoyable, intense and challenging at the same time.
Additionally, the game offers a wide range of characters that allow the players to take up different roles available in their wheelhouse. Whether a player prefers to gank, sneak or smash through the front lines or relax and support their team, there is a character for every player.


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