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For anyone who has played the previous games in this series, Counter-Strike : Global Offensive is not so different from the others. It is simply a multi-player first-person shooter game that is so objective based.

In this game, there are two protagonists namely, the terrorist and the counter terrorist. When you are playing alone, you have to fight against the terrorist. When you have many players, they al join opposing sides of the terror gangs with some defending the terrorist while others fight against the same.


To make the game more realistic, if an opponent shots you down and you die, you cannot just wake up and continue attacking. Instead, you have to wait until the round is over before you can respawn and start all over again. Just as in a normal war situation, every player buys weapons and other necessary equipment for the war. In the course of the game, every player will earn more money or lose it depending on their performance. If you kill the enemy, you get more money giving you a chance to buy more arsenals. Costly mistakes such as shooting a team-mate or a captive will likewise cost you the money you have already earned. You must thus watch out before you take any action because it will impact on the final result.
For better enjoyment of the game, Counter-Strike : Global Offensive comes with features that will help the player in performing different actions during play. Some of the main features in the game include the purchase of weapons and equipment in preparation for an offensive at the beginning of each round. You also get a chance to form teams depending on the number of players available. During play, each player will earn points that come in the form of money. It is these amounts that will influence your chance of winning. A player that wins more money can last longer because they will have more weapons and several chances at life. Even the determination of the winner largely depends on the amount of money each side wins.
Currently the game Counter-Strike : Global Offensive comes in five different modes. These modes include competitive mode, classic casual, arms race, demolition and death match. All these modes have certain differences even though the main concept is about attack and rescue missions. Just to get a brief idea on the functions of each mode, here is a breakdown of each mode with short descriptions to help you grasp the play modes of each.

Classic casual is the most popular of all the modes. It involves simple hostage rescue missions and defusing of bombing situations. In these situations, the opposing players will either plan defuse missions or save hostages from the opponent. To do this effectively, players have to buy weapons and other war equipment just to prepare for the game. For a better insight into what the defuse situations involves, it is simply a challenge where terrorists plant bombs at select bomb sites. It is the role of the opponents to find and defuse the bombs before they explode.

The arms race is another of the Counter-Strike : Global Offensive modes. This one entails a reward scheme where each player has to find and kill the opponent. Rewards are given based on how successfully a player accomplishes these missions according to precision. The demolition mode on the other hand is slightly different because it does not involve the purchase of weapons and war equipment like the other modes.
The rewards in this mode are given depending on the kills a player makes in a predetermined sequence. Death match is the latest in the series. It only dates back to November 12, 2012. In this mode, you have to make 10 minute matches and the rewards come when you manage kills with different select weapons. The type of weapon used in the killing will also influence the rewards you get.


Generally looking at the performance of Counter-Strike : Global Offensive over the years it has been in circulation, it is great to note that most of the reviews are generally positive. Even the harshest of gaming software critics have not had enough bad things to say about the software. Perhaps the trick is in the modes which sincerely make it a choice for many because a player gets the chance to pick the most suitable mode from the variety.


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  1. Only PC FPS that I would actually play. The cost for this game completely justifies for what it brings. 15 USD and almost the same gameplay as any other FPS out there. The only other FPS that brings a more realistic sense to the FPS genre would be Battlefield since players have access to vehicular battle. But nevertheless, in FPS this game is best for PC.

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