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Another in the long line of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) is Cosmic Break. It uses a 3rd person shooter style of combat; utilizing future technology instead of axes and magic as most MMORPGs do. It boasts a more Anime (Japanese cartoon) styled approach to character design and storyline.


The game has been released in mostly Asian countries along with an American release. There are plans to make a European release at a later stage. Cosmic Break is a sequel to the popular C21 Steel Battle Chronicles. The main attraction for fans to Cosmic Break is the fact that it is Anime-styled. For those who don’t know, Anime is Japanese cartoons with a unique drawing style; big eyes, colorful hair and deep expressions. The game has three main modes that can be played; arena, quest and mission. Each mode offers a unique set of objectives that can be completed in a group or solo if you prefer that over group play.
The game uses the free-to-play model which has become popular among gamers. The controls are simplified which allows for easy control of your character. You can only choose one character but that is hardly a problem as you can switch the mech you are using many times over. The voice acting used in the game was done by professional voice actors that are well known through the Asian countries. Some of the voice actors used is Takeshi Kusao, Atsuko Tanaka and Rie Tanaka.


With Cosmic Break being a MMORPG, its rivals include titles such as World of Warcraft, Aion and Guild Wars. It is doubtful that a game like Cosmic Break can reach the magnitude that World of Warcraft has but it has something unique that the other titles mentioned don’t have; an Anime style. Many hardcore Anime fans would only play a game like Cosmic Break, which makes their audience a specific niche.
For gamers who are looking for the best graphics, Cosmic Break will not impress in the department. The graphics seem “blocky” at times and the environments aren’t as involved as many gamers would like to see them be. There are also complaints about interface lag, which happens when you click a special ability and there is a delay before it happens on screen.


In conclusion, Cosmic Break is a must have for Anime fans who also enjoy a deep, immersing storyline with professional voice acting. It offers many hours worth of gaming through the player vs. player as well as the player vs. environment, and can be played with friends from around the world.


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