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This simulation has been made for all the game lovers who need first person shooting experience that would definitely increase the player’s experience in the battle field and enable the player to feel as though they are in a real life situation.


Graphics is one eye catching property that makes gaming software of high quality. This game has the best quality graphics made by Lithtech Games Engines which was named the best producers of high quality graphics ever in the market. The game has been one of the most played online games because of the features and the simplicity of the options of the software. It has been built with eye catching outfits and characters, customizable weaponry that is powerful and easy to use.
Upgrading of the weapon has been a great feature in the game because the game becomes complex as it progresses and will require more tactful techniques. More powerful weapons will be requires as it progresses because of more and more powerful and hard to eliminate enemies as the level progresses. The game also supports features such as in-game friends list that has been one of the unique features that enables more than one player using different IP addresses online to play one single game for more fun.

Combat Arms Europe has been made unique from other combat games in that the players have to earn gear points known as (GP) in order to renew weapons bought with the points. However some weapons can be acquired for a permanent duration directly from the black market shop. Weapons from the black market have a longer duration such that the player can stay with the weapon and be able to use it for a longer period in terms of days.
The game has been built with a player ranking system that is based on the experience of the player. In order to earn the experience plus the gear points, the player has to complete mission objectives by killing other players and leveling up. Combat Arms Europe has different missions that may include search and destroy, spy hunt, VIP escort, seize and secure, bombing run and quarantine regen. Each level may require the player to pass the above missions professionally.


Combat Arms Europe is one of the games that is most played by the people who love high quality shooting games. It has most of the powerful and cool weapons which will make the players feel good using them especially if they are highly upgraded. Want a game that can keep you indoors for a long time? Combat Arms Europe will do just perfect for you. Sit and buckle up for some real fun with real guns and be a good soldier on the field.


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