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For most gamers the classic first person game Doom was their first encounter with a 3D dungeon crawl style environment. Considered by many to be the foundation for a host of titles that soon followed, there is no denying this was a true original in the gaming market. When video games weren’t enjoying the mainstream popularity they do today, Doom was an underground hit. Now the grandfather of modern FPS has come back from hiatus.


This mod to the Doom 3 title returns players to their roots where it all began. The ‘Knee Deep in the Dead’ storyline is completely recreated with support for single and coop play. Other levels from the original series were left out due to copyright restrictions and time constraints for the development team. For a trip down memory lane, that just happens to be filled with monsters, this is the game to play.

As mentioned this is a mod for the Doom 3 system that simulates the original Doom experience. The simulation is as faithful as it can be with some noted exceptions to the original. The GUI is pulled from Doom 3 (no buttons or switches here). There is also no automap or Doom 3 PDA functionality. On the plus side the intro and closing cinematic scenes are expanded based on Doom’s storyline.
There are a lot of extra features added to the levels to make game play more enjoyable (furniture,lighting,etc.) and the soundtrack has been upgraded from the original midi format. It should be noted as well that enemies are not the original Troopers, Z-Secs are used instead.


Classic Doom 3 is a popular mod for Doom 3. While there is not a lot of competition between mods as they are free compliments to the gaming community, this mod is popular amongst enthusiasts of Doom 3. It offers a platform of nostalgia for a title that progresses forward with each passing installment of its series. Gamers who long for the days of old, if for no other reason that the novelty of comparing the progress of technology, will find this addition entertaining and fulfilling.


If you grew up playing video games before they were cool, there is an affinity for the classic titles of your youth that modern systems can’t compare to. Many of the standards we enjoy today would have been impossible without the groundwork laid by innovators in the early days. A group of volunteer developers have taken the time to recreate that experience in a modern setting for today’s gamers. As a bonus, newcomers who never had the pleasure of experiencing older titles can now enjoy the same experience without having to resort to antiquated systems. If you’re a die hard fan you may find some of the changes disturbing.
However, these adjustments were made in large part to increase enjoyment during play and to keep the system balanced. Older features that were truncated simply did not translate well to the new platform. Overall for a niche product that serves as a novelty more than a finished product, Classic Doom 3 performs well.


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