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Champions Online is a MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game). Emphasis here should be placed on massive. This game developed by Cryptic and available for play online free of charge, is packed with options for the ultimate customization experience. Champions Online as you would imagine is a superhero based action/fantasy title where custom made heroes battle for humanity against a wealth of equally creative and nasty super villains.


Each player can create and customize their own superheroes with a list of abilities or powers that are assigned to an archetype or hero type. Unlike a lot of other similar titles, powers and abilities are not limited by the kind of hero you choose to be. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and create a truly one of a kind hero that stands out amongst a world filled with super dynamic characters.

As we mentioned customization is the name of the game when it comes to Champions Online. While the game play is dynamic and engaging you could spend countless hours designing and customizing characters. From new heroes and villains carefully crafted out of a seeming limitless list of options to faithful recreations of popular comic book characters recent and past, all the parts are here for your mixing and matching delight. Lightning speed, super flight, massive strength, lightning bolts, you name it. If you want a character like the Flash with Superman’s ability to fly and Spiderman’s agility, you got it, there are no limits. Game play itself is equally engaging. Gone are the tedious auto-attacks and recharging times. Battle sequence are live action and take intelligence plus quick reactions to survive when things get heated.


The closest competition to Champions Online is its fellow Cryptic offering City of Heroes. Where CoH lacks in character manipulation, Champions picks up. The major differences between the two titles are the very things that make each a player’s favorite. In Champions it is easier to jump right in and begin your journeys. You are not tied to a particular story line or quest sequence. While it can be easy to get lost in over arcing thread of storyline, true freedom can be experienced to explore and develop your characters as desired.


Overall Champions Online is probably the best option as far as superhero RPGs these days. It has all the options you want in a character based experience with very little to distract from game time enjoyment. The graphics system is solid with a true adherence to traditional four color art that modernized well. The battle system is smooth and does not interfere with immersion and the world is huge. It would take a very long time to see everything this game has to offer especially with new expansions currently available.


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