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Cabal Online is a relatively popular MMORPG with a fantasy based world that spreads itself across several channels with varying degrees of difficulty. Players elect a character class from Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Blader, Force Shielder and Force Archer. The majority of these classes take advantage of a magical power referred to as ‘force’.


By using force to interact with objects or materialize weaponry these characters enhance their normal skills depending on their experience level. As each character levels they gain points they can distribute amongst a set of skills that determine the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Cabal uses a heavily PvP and accepted player killing format. Certain servers even encourage war parties between individual guilds and provide support for player vs player duels. There is no player killing on beginner servers which are color coded as green when starting and there are punishments for excessive ‘spree killing.’

Cabal was made free to play online in 2006 after a number of Beta releases. There are several different servers that each have a number of channels. Server content is identical for all players with channels providing unique play experiences. Players can switch between different channels freely including premium ones if the premium package has been purchased or with special items. The in-game store provides access to these items as well as special game items and vanity objects. Players on different servers cannot interact unless they purchase special items and transfer their characters.


Cabal Online is a lot like many fantasy based RPGs on the market. What distinguishes it from its counterparts is the increased emphasis on player killing and a somewhat original storyline. In Cabal, characters live in a world created by well intentioned idealists. In their efforts to create a utopia they inadvertently destroyed their environment and produced a rebellion that led to the event known as the Apocalypse. These men, who formed the CABAL were largely destroyed save for eight. This sets the basis for the NPC battles, instance dungeons and hordes of enemies players must face to make their way through the world.


There’s a lot of grinding in this game (continuous repetitive tasks) like a lot off RPGs. In many ways it doesn’t stray much from the tried but true system experienced in many other platforms. The guild war system is perhaps the most intriguing feature which allows players to form war parties and battle each other. For a different take on fantasy and a Star Wars like magic system, this game provides enough personality to be worth the try. It likely won’t be the next big thing but there’s plenty of draw for players and enough in game features to keep logging in month after month. The in-game store can be a frustrating way to attain items for game play enthusiasts, but that alone is not reason enough to discourage new players.


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