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Continent of the ninth or C9 as it is commonly referred to is a 3D MMORPG. Controls are similar to FPS games that assist with the fast paced action setting. This game is an instance based adventure focusing on dungeons and battling NPCs. C9 has both story and PVP modes with several modes for one on one or team competitions. Pay accounts are not necessary (though they are available) for this free to play adventure since game items are exchangeable for in game currency.


Character creation for C9 is simple yet diverse. Options are extensive enough to create unique characters but not extensive enough to get lost in. There are four major classes of characters.  The fighter class has three subclasses; Guardian, Warrior, Blademaster and Berserker. Shamans have Elementalist, Illusionist, Taoist, Reapress. Hunters have Ranger, Scout, Assassin, Shadow and Gunslinger. While Witchblade (new from initial release) has Bladedancer, Slayer and Warden.
Regardless of which class you choose specs aren’t wide enough in comparison to sway your decision much further than personal preference. Game play basically involves increasing difficulty levels by defeating dungeons and gaining access to treasure chests. PVP modes are more popular with a wide variety of options for combat. Recent upgrades to the system have leveled out character’s abilities making player skill more important than bonuses or class benefits.


Cloud 9 attributes the class differences and dynamic control options with the games unique feel and game play experience. Other RPGs on the market were largely targeting games at the time of release. C9 is not a target based system which the developers say increases the amount of strategic maneuvering players can exhibit in their characters. Active skills are another focus versus competitor’s games. C9 came with 38 active skills to increase the PVP experience. In all the developers have paid extra attention to the gamer’s experience which eliminates boredom and increases active interaction with the system.


Continent of the Ninth is an epic dungeon based adventure. Players find themselves thrust into a world of chaos and monsters. Tempura challenges players to test their skills against hordes of evil creatures, dungeons and other players to emerge on top. Graphics are smooth and impressive for this class of RPG.
Webzen has paid attention to suggestions since release and addressed issues as they arose, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone. Subtle bonuses such as the combo counter and dynamic battle system make the difference in a landscape dominated by RPGs that somehow manage to fall short. This one is definitely worth a try.


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