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Battlefield Heroes is a third person, war themed, action game on the free-to-play model. The game was developed by Dice and Easy Studios then distributed by EA Games. Battlefield is a heavily World War II themed experience with no direct reference made. The two major factions are the National Army (The Red Team) and The Royal Army (The Blue Team). The majority of game play involves completing missions that include all out war modes, capture the flag modes and midnight mayhem mode for faster turnaround.


Battlefield Heroes is a cartoon styled play experience that takes less of a toll on gaming systems than other popular titles. For now third-person is the only available viewpoint but the developers have shown interest in providing other options if player support was high enough. Each game begins with character selection in one of three classes.
The Soldiers are mid ranged, medium skilled characters, the Gunners are stronger with higher health, and the Commandos are the sniper class. There are a number of vehicles available based on WWII battle equipment. There is a Panzer tank and a Sherman, two jeeps, a Messerschmidt and a Spitfire. Each vehicle provides passenger spots for extra soldiers.


Battlefield is intentionally a paired down version of its competition. With less strain on gaming systems the developers intended to gain more customers through ease of use. It apparently worked, the game achieved 7 million registered users in 2011 and 10 million by January 2012. This is the first game EA has released under the free-to-play model. All profits will be achieved through an in-game micro payment system that offers upgrades, recovery items and stronger weapons.
A recent upgrade to the system raised the price of items bought with ‘ Valor Points’ the achievable in game currency and lowered prices on Play4Free funds, the purchasable monetary system. While they received much criticism that saw the changes as the game’s likely demise, EA states that there was very little actual backlash from the change.


If you enjoy a good old fashioned war based action system, this is a fun and more light hearted approach than the increasingly dark Call of Duty series. With its minimal system requirements, this is the kind of game you can pick up and leave off whenever you feel like. Battlefield will most likely earn its place in your library as a pastime more than a serious gaming pursuit. The novelty is strong enough to gain attention and the ease of use makes it incredibly user friendly.
The purchase system is a little annoying as some players will be using the added bonuses for what could be viewed as an unfair advantage. The game’s focus on leveling players out by skill to provide a fairer playing ground will serve to largely eliminate this issue as well as increase overall satisfaction with a decreased amount of inequality.


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