Battle of the Immortals

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Battle of the Immortals (BOI) is a free to play action MMORPG. It allows players to spend time in a lost city known as Atlantis where they ride rein-deers, battle unique beasts and have pink pigs as pets.


Its main gameplay involves completing quests by the non-player characters as well as hunting monsters to acquire experience. This can boost a player’s level and grant them the opportunity to use better gear in the game. Battle of the Immortal is a free to play and download game that also offers an optional in-game cash shop that is used to purchase equipment to assist the player level faster and acquire a better playing gear.

The game features a unique pet system where pets can be caught using items purchased at the cash shop, fighting monsters or through buying them from an in-game merchant. Just like players, the pets have five stats and can possess up to six skills. However, once the pets’ fortification level is above 10, they can possess another six exalted skills. In addition, pets are melded to acquire higher generation pets. The pet generation is generation 3.
The game features various quests that are titled to different levels. Players are offered coins, experience among other items from this quests. These items could be potions, armors or weapons. The quests that a player completes, the quicker they level up the game.
Cash shop
The game has a cash shop from which the players can purchase in-game items with Zen. Zen is purchased using real currency. Players who may not be willing to purchase Zen using real money may purchase them from other players using in-game currency. Its price fluctuates in the server market if it is purchased using in-game money. Items available in the cash shop can be used to change your avatars look, upgrade your pets or gears and improve functionality.
Fate cards
This mainly consist of participating in events like killing monsters to acquire the fate cards. The fate energy a player has determines the number of fate cards they can equip. Fate cards boost stats. However, some fate cards cut down on stats. Fate cards are divide in three categories; grade, type and energy.


Compared to other MMORPG’s Battle of the Immortals is complex game since it is designed to allow players hop in and start killing and questing immediately. However, if a player wants to complete the game, they have to spend a lot of time learning the games intricacies. In addition, its combat is not as responsive as in Diablo 2.


Battle of the Immortals is not a perfect game but its playable, easy to learn and interesting. Progression is well paced and players unlock the features as they level up.
You will need to install “Arc” or log in there to download the game.


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