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Aura Kingdom is an action filled fantasy game developed by X-Legend and published by Aeria Games. The game unfolds in an anime styled world that is vast, full of challenges and detailed graphics. It comprises of main towers, terrains and dungeons.


The players are free to choose their characters among the eight options. The detailed and easy to understand skill system allows the players to customize their avatar with secondary weapons that are wielded by other motley of abilities and classes that suit their action style and create room for deeper strategies.

Additionally, the game offers fast paced and fluid combat as the players fight a number of bosses and monsters within their environment. It also has some in-game companions who play their role in engaging wars. These in-game companions are attractive to players since they fight beside them; they are adorable but ferocious pets.

  • Elaborate skill trees: they allow the player to pick abilities to power depending on their game play style. In addition, they allow the player to try out different playing strategies and change skills to cater for different situations.
  • Interactive companions: These simple pets are always by your side. If you strengthen these companions, you are able to use great combo attacks as well as converse with them about any past exploits.
  • World of wonder: This unfamiliar world is enhanced by the detailed and beautiful anime art style. It allows you to face the titanic bosses, climb enormous towers and explore exotic dungeons.
  • Fast paced and fluid combat: they offer an unprecedented mobility level that allows you to outmaneuver your rivals and survive energetic abilities and attacks.


Though still new, Aura Kingdom is a great online game that will definitely challenge its so many other MMORPG opponents. Unlike most companions found in some MMORPG’s Aura Kingdom’s companions can unlock new abilities, level and join players in massive combo attacks. In addition, these companions tend to remember past conquests and often reminisce about previous attacks with players.


Apart from having great companions, it features eight combo classes that players can choose from initially but are allowed to choose from second-class weapons after some time. The greatest theme is the diversity among the eight classes that allow players to swap skills and experiment different strategies. In my opinion, Aura Kingdom is a great and well thought put game that offers a lot of adventure to its players. It is an easy to comprehend game that can be played by everybody regardless of age or class.



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  1. In my opinion, I think Aura kingdom has good graphics and an interesting story , you’ll enjoy at first , even if you have to endure the constant maintenance that last for hours , then from level 50 you ‘ll get bored because everything becomes repetitive, even you have to keep in mind that during the maintenance you can lose your eidolons (which are the companions that help you during the game – dragons, fairies – etc ) , your clan, team or even your own character, so they will say that , you should send a ticket with your complaints and the evidence of your lost things (that means that think that you should take pictures of your staff all the time) , but at the end they will do nothing at all and if in case, they do anything, they will send you things that do not serve anything all to your account and noted: “Our apologies for the inconvenient this is Causing you .
    Best regards,
    Team Aura Kingdom
    Which not only happens to one person, it happen thousands of players in Aura Kingdom . So, in a nutshell, if you want to play Aura kingdom is up to you, because if during the game you have any problem, they will not fix it and only just get you bored faster.
    ” Best regards”
    Ex player of Aura Kingdom

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