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World War IV has taken its toll. Now it is fantasy versus steampunk in a post-apocalyptic era. Argo Online is a massive multiplayer online game. The game was developed by Korean developers and publisher, MGame. Argo Online free play title was launched in 2011, April. The game hosts high level content, which offers a lot of experience to the players.

Argo Online has two totally different opponents. The “Noblian,” who are technology oriented and who live in steampunk and the “Floresslah,” who are nature oriented. The opponents have unique culture, lifestyle, gears, pets, homes and mounts. However, they share a common interest; the need to control “Earhdium.” Whoever controls Earthdium has healing and wealth power.


In Argo Online, once you select a character, you are bound to it. The only way to pick a new character is by installation of another instance of game client and creation of a new account. In each faction, there are eight playable classes. The steampunk classes have unconventional names, which are traditional MMO and at heart classes.
Noblian players can choose to be Chaser, Paladin or Priest. These can be compared to the traditional Monk classes. There are names given based on offensive skills such as Explore (Ranger), Scholar (Wizard), Protector (defense Warrior), Warrior (Offensive) and Warlock (Bomber).The Floresslah have similar skills but with definite names such as Taurus, Elementarist, Rogue, Druid, Defender, Warlock, Shaman and Sagittarius.
In Argo Online, statistics of characters offers a lot of confusion. Apart from statistics of Agility, Strength, Stamina and Intelligence, there are statistics for natural battle, physical battle and attributes. The statistics include two unique accuracy ratings, three evasion ratings, two critical attack ratings, defense attributes and elemental attacks. Apart from the disintegration of attributes, skills have been further broken down by Adventure, Class, Production and Nation.


Argo Online real time occurs where players meet in instanced war zone. It allows players to build their own armies through unit points they earn. The goal of having NPC armies is to overthrow the opponent by destroying their command headquarters. Enemies of the same level are matched up and engaged in war. The unit points are important in marshaling reinforcement against the enemy. Additionally, players can build bases and use turret guns to keep the enemy away. The winner of RTS is awarded better fighting equipment. The real low side of the game is that two players must communicate to RTS war NPC within the same time, before the battle starts.


Argo Online was only launched in 2011 but its vibrancy in the market is evidence. The game has many classes and PvE content, which keep the players leveled. However, all the games content is not playable as a result of diminishing number of players. To the view of many, Argo online deserves a second look, in case of any change.

The Game is now on the BETA CLOSED. Could you wait some other months to play this future great game ?


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