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Archlord is an MMO role playing game that has been growing in popularity over the years, owing in large part to its unique game play elements. It is set in the fantasy world or Chantra and takes on a medieval style atmosphere. 


Players can choose to take on the role of up to four different races in the game, including humans, orcs, elves and dragon scions. This gives players a considerable deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing their own identity and customizing it throughout the course of the game. These players can also use a craft system to further develop their characters in to fully fledged roles. This allows for some players to continue playing the game and to enjoy trying to replay the game with a new class at some point.

There are many elements to the game play, but one of them is that players can compete to receive the title of Archlord. This is essentially the supreme ruler of the fantasy world, which lends several benefits to the player. It can be an engaging experience to try to compete with other players and reach the top of the leader board. It also encourages players to continually compete within the game, so the game play never really gets stale. Once the player achieves the title of Archlord, they can actually gain access to their own private castle and dragon. These players can also get equipped with the ability to control the weather in the game.


This was among the earliest of many MMO role playing games released in the world. It features one of the most expansive in-game universes, which is still growing to this day. Unlike many other long running MMOs like World of Warcraft, it does allow users to effectively compete to complete the game. Receiving the title and benefit of being an Archlord is one of the more creative elements that have been introduced by the game. It has helped the creators craft an identity to the game and keep people interested in what the game may have in store next.


In sum, players can expect to get a fair degree of enjoyment when they try out Archlord for themselves. If they decide that they would like to get linked up with other players, this game allows them to meet people from around the world. The collection of races in the game and their changing roles makes for an interesting experience as well. It encourages many players to replay the game from an all new character class that they can create.


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