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Archeage is described by the developers as a Sandpark MMORPG. This means that it has elements from open world Sandbox games where users can create new content and change the game around, but it also has some of the restricted elements from a standard themepark style game.


ArcheAge is a very interesting online role playing game because of all the sandbox features that it has. You can create your own structures that you can benefit from in the game, and other players in the world will be able to see and interact with those structures as well. You can build a house or a castle. You could even create your own city in the game. Around your home you can breed animals, grow plants, and harvest all the resources from these activities to give you useful items to advance your way through the game. If you decide to create a city other players can try to capture it from you.
The game also features a pretty in-depth pet system. You can purchase pets as babies and grow them up into full sized creatures that can be used as mounts, or companions to bring with you into battle. There is a robust traveling system in Archeage with a variety of different traveling mechanisms being present. You can walk, run, swim and dive to get to new locations, but you can also make use of many different vehicles. There are tractors, boats, ships, mounts, gliders, and airships. There is also a very relaxed PVP system that allows players to battle one another freely, but the catch is that there is a player-based court system. If you break the rules of the area too much you can be sentenced to jail and you will have to work your way back out into the open, or plan an escape to get yourself out.
The game features a pretty flexible class system as well. There are ten possible skilsl that can be chosen, and you are allowed to pick any three of them that you like. That means you can create unique combinations for a variety of different characters. ArchAge also has a robust crafting system and most of the items that you can find in the game are created by other players. The equipment, the food, the vehicles, and the furniture are all created by other players in the game.


It’s difficult to make direct comparisons with ArchAge because there aren’t many games out that have the same combination of features. Games like Second Life and Minecraft feature open world creation but with a higher level of customization than ArchAge. These games don’t have the same depth of combat or gameplay systems however, and ArchAge excels because of the combination of both of these. Even though you don’t physically design all of the bits and pieces in the game, you can still actively construct things, and you can run around, quest, and complete dungeons as well.


If you want to try out a MMORPG that has a more open feel to it ArchAge is a good option. The game doesn’t lock you into any specific class roles, and you have the ability to own your own property in the game as well. It’s an exciting game and worth at least checking out.

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