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Anno Online is a free browser based game that has been drawing in a lot of attention lately. It is the latest release in a long line of strategy games in the Anno franchise. This release will place a lot of emphasis on developing your own city, which will thrive or fail based on your leadership and vision. It will likely please many players who have enjoyed Anno games in the past.


This release also features the option to interact with other players, which will gradually be unlocked as the game moves forward. The game will also tend to build on itself, while you start to unlock new opportunities to build on to your city as time goes on. This makes it worthwhile to continue playing and advancing your city towards the future.
Many players will likely want to try the game out, but the full version has not been released yet. It has been released in Beta versions in English and German languages, which may allow some players to test out some components. But it still could appeal to many players, because it is currently free to play. This allows both players and developers to think about ways that the game could be improved before its final release.
The game itself will take place on an island, but you will have plenty of space to expand your city to new levels. This provides the game with a lot of replay value, since there are an unlimited number of ways that you can change things up.


There have been many strategy games released over the years, so it may be hard for a new release to make a name for itself.  But it looks like Anno Online will be poised to draw a lot of consumer attention over the next few months.  It does benefit from having a strong franchise name, which will be immediately recognizable to consumers out there. But many other people will want to try this game out, because it adds some unique elements that they won’t get anywhere else. Its trade system is much more advanced that other games such as Sim City.


In all, Anno Online promises to be a solid release that should draw in some interest among users. It will benefit from being free to play, which will interest many players out there.  Some casual players may feel able to experiment with the game, and will likely find something that they like about it. This could quickly build up the online user base for the game and make it much more appealing to many people.

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