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Air Rivals is a unique MMO multiplayer online shooter game. To enjoy playing this game you must first be registered by clicking on a confirmation link after which you are good to go. The game provides sufficient tutorial teachings for newbies on all the basics of the game.

Thereafter you are allowed to enter the lobby where you can enter a shopping mall to upgrade your craft with different gears. Choose the type of equipment that you think best suits you to win over the enemy then hit the ‘take off’ baton to fly. The game is more or less focused on two-faction that are enemy to one another. At the beginning however, there is more of exploration until later when you become more involved with the actual war.


The game utilizes 3D graphics for gears, cities, and the environment around you. There are some potions however, where you are allowed to appreciate the games age by experiencing some 2D images in characters. The general style exhibited in the game is the Manga style, whereby you will from time to time see this boss guy or girl with awesome rounded boobs pop up to time to tell you when you are successful in your mission. You will also be impressed with the games 2D art drawings for loading different section of the game.
The feel felt while loading screens is static and especially with those stunning slide shows. In addition to graphics, you will also like the games sounds. These do not however possess many sound effects as you may wish for in a game where there are all sorts of things flying around in the game play.


Air Rivals may not be the best game in the world, however, with the MMORPG feature has made it a great free to play game. The game unlike in most of its competition poses a platform on which a big community of players can prove their fighting expertise to one another. While the game can be a little rough around its edges and not very attractive, it offers the fastest version of action gaming you can ever experience on MMORPG.


Air Rivals is an excellent third person shooter game whereby you will enjoy a lot of grinding. Playing this game will ensure that you take off some weight off your nerves by shooting your enemies stuff and souls off their bodies. As much as different people will have mixed feelings over this game, it is advisable to try out the game yourself so that you can find out how great it can be. It is no doubt you will be absorbed in the games PvP dogfights, the cool music, and the gambling among other features.


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