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Aika Global better known as Aika online is a 3D fantasy game of MMORPG. The game has a large scale Nation Wars that allows large number of players to fight one at a time in large combat. The players fight to have control and power over their nation during an attack of the enemy nation who aims to capture the magic artifact, castle siege, as well as several exciting PvP attacks that are found in the battle ground. The game has Realm vs PvP combat. The system has over 1000 vs 1000 battles. The game has attained its fame in Korea and is also addictive.


Aika Global has two major movements; WASD or the point and click method. However there is likelihood that you will not spend a lot of time getting to use this feature since just like Asian F2P MMOs Aika has a feature that allows one to path automatic on the option of questioning. Combat was also not impressive, there was no dodging, jumping or rolling, and a player had to stand even when they were attacking. Keys 1-8 are the ones that are used to activate abilities.
This game does not have many unique game play, it is traditional I nature F2P MMO to the last bit. This is something that you are likely to notice over time. Depending on an individual this might appear as a bother or not, it manly depends on the preference. However there is nostalgia effect and the simple method that the game is played, that might make a player enjoy the game a great deal. Pran system is one of the most interesting and unique features found in the game. You have to choose a pran based on three elements; water, air or fire and rise with it ill adulthood.


The game contains a lot of interesting features that a player can enjoy, for those that do not mind the traditional graphics; the game can be addictive and entertaining. It can be played by different people of different ages. However the game can be boring for those that enjoy new innovation and moving on with technology. The mechanics have been played over and over and are now outdated. The game would be a lot intriguing and amusing if the player could enjoy using different stunts.


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