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Age of Wulin is a 3D martial arts MMORPG game based on Chinese folklore. The game is available in the United States under the name Age of Wushu. Its storyline is set in the feudal Ming Dynasty era in ancient China with concepts drawn from the 2000 year old Wuxia history.

The game has quite unique features where players can train in different martial arts schools. It has 8 playable sects including the more familiar orders such as the famous Chinese monks and the less known female clan of Emei. Each of these sects comes with a back-story that dictates its characters philosophy, fighting style, and choice of favored weapons. For example, there is the Humble Beggar’s sect which has a philosophy similar to Robin Hood’s band in Western folklore. The best part of Age of Wulin is the fact that it has no restriction of levels and classes for players.

There are several key features that make the Age of Wulin a truly unique game. For instance, it has no levels and classes giving players the freedom to learn their opponents’ strength by simply engaging them in a fight. However, you need to proceed with great caution since the beggar the meet on the road could just be a traveling Grand Master. Another great feature is the game’s random NPC encounter system which determines how each encounter and event will turn out. This is a unique feature that tells you what each encounter entails. The game features eight martial arts schools where players can build their craft.
The game has a counter combat system that provides rewards according to one’s skills and a freeform progression that allows you to acquire different skill-sets from different schools. It features solid Kung-fu action through which you can combat your enemy from the ground, on water, and leap through the air fighting with a variety of weapons such as double edged swords, chains, sabers, fists, and many more. There are aerial combat functionalities similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Age of Wulin also comes with a life skills system that allows players to acquire different professions including master chess players, blacksmiths, or even a beggar if you so wish. The game has 35 Guild sites where players can upgrade to mobilize and defend their achievements. It has over 5000 types of equipments, six unique storylines, and 30 offline activities.

In comparison to other action games such as Mortal Combat or the popular GTA series, Age of Wulin scores high in terms of authenticity. The key elements of Age of Wulin are exclusively drawn from the rich Chinese culture giving it a unique and exotic authenticity that you would hardly find in other video games. It is one of the most exciting MMORPG games from China with great atmosphere, tone, and deep cultural content. Unlike other games, Age of Wulin has no restrictions on levels and classes giving players the freedom to choose their opponents at will.


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