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The 100 Years War game has been unveiled as one of the latest MMORPG for the PC. It takes place during the historic war between England and France, but it also introduces a number of different fantasy elements as well. This will help keep the game interesting to many people who might be interested in both of these genres. The software itself was designed to run on Windows and it is compatible with both Vista and version 7.


When you play the 100 Years War game, you will immediately notice that it has been designed using the Unreal Engine. This will provide you with a fair degree of customization options for the character that you create. You can choose to create just about any style character, with a strong focus on medieval weaponry. When you have created your character, you can develop it and have it take part on either side of the conflict.


If you try out the 100 Years War, you may notice a few similarities to other games out there. But it does offer its own unique elements as well. It will bear some physical resemblance to the World of Warcraft game, but it also incorporates some historical elements. This gives it a unique setting and atmosphere, which can be hard to find in any other game out there.


In all, this is an enjoyable MMORPG that will offer a fresh take on the genre. You can actually choose to create any number of different playable characters in the game. The 100 Years War game can be installed using just 1 GB of hard drive space. This will make it very appealing to a wide variety of gamers out there, sine it can be installed on a number of different systems.


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