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Free Music Downloader is an efficient tool for downloading music files from several online sources. The application allows users to effortlessly download music files from several sources and enables users to specify the download folder. Users can also sort the songs on the basis of the name of the artist.


Free Music Downloader is a highly useful and efficient application for downloading music files from the Internet. The application was earlier known as Last.FM Downloader since it allowed users to download music files from Last.FM. The program converts files of different formats to MP3 and allows them to be saved on the computer in the local download folder that can be specified by the users.

The various sources from which the application allows downloading the files include Last.FM, Sogou, Grooveshark, SoundCloud and VKontakte among various others. Users just have to specify the parameters for downloading the files and the application will download the audio file to the specified download folder. User may specify the name of the artist whose songs they want to download and the audio file will be downloaded and stored according to the name of the artist.

The application is highly customisable and it allows users to specify the parameters such as the file count and size of the download. Users can also specify the maximum number of files that can be downloaded simultaneously.

The application is portable and does not require any type of installation. It can be carried in a USB drive and can be used on any computer. The program does not make any changes to the Windows Registry and hence once it has been used on a specific computer, there is no need for any uninstallation. Free Music Downloader has a simple and intuitive user interface and allows even new users to easily use the application. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Rapidshare Auto Downloader is an application similar to Free Music Downloader. The program easily downloads multiple files from the Internet. The application needs to be installed on the computer, however it has a simple installation process and an intuitive interface that makes it very easy to operate. The application is lightweight and does not require much of system resources.


Fast Music Downloader is an easy to use application that allows downloading audio files from several sources simultaneously and can convert them to MP3 format. The application has a very simple interface that makes it comfortable to use by every kind of user. The program makes it easy to organise the files. Users can specify the names of the artists whose files they want to download and can sort them according to the names of the artists.


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