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Duplicity is always undesirable when it comes to digital content, be it on a website, or in any of your documents, or files and folders. The problem, which seems to a smaller one, becomes a much larger issue when it gets associated with the files and folders in your computer. Duplicates Finder, as the name suggests, is an application made to cater to such a problem.


Duplicate Finder’s primary function is quite direct, to find duplicate files and delete them. With this, not only is the user assured of increased free space, but although partial, but an increment in the overall processing speed, when dealing with large chunks of duplicate files.

For starters, the application requires you to go through its extremely user friendly, and clean, interface, and choose the path in which the Duplicate Finder needs to perform scanning for duplicate files. Since keeping a music library on the machine is also a tedious task, when you need to continuously add music to it, Duplicate Finder finds an integral application in this niche as well. With the help of this software, you can eliminate or delete the duplicate music files, about which you’d forgotten and downloaded a new copy. The scanning window offers elapsed time, i.e. the period that has passed since you began the scanning, the level of similarity in two similar, as processed by the software, files, errors, if any, and the amount of disk space that can be freed up, by deleting the duplicate files.

Once the scanning is finished, the results start appearing in the result window, wherein, the name, type (extension), amount of acquired space, last modification date, the level of alikeness, and its location within the computer, are also displayed. Since too many results might confuse the user, Duplicates Finder has been embedded with different employment of different colors for original and duplicate files, respectively.

The operations available to the user include renaming the file, changing its location, erasing files, or just opening some, to get a sneak peak into their properties. To ensure easy operations, Duplicate Finder allows you to alter the language of the entire interface for your comfort, or even change the format in which file size is displayed.


Making it tough for Duplicate Finder to survive are, Find Duplicate Files, and Simple Duplicate Finder. Both Simple Duplicate Finder, and Easy Duplicate Files, offers the same functionality, of removing the duplicate files from a machine, with an average to use interface. Duplicate Finder not only has an efficient duplicate remover tool, accompanied by lots of other useful add-ons, but also sports a very easy to operate interface.


Duplicate Finder is a must have tool in this age of large volumes of data, and high speed internet connectivity, since nobody has time to search for a file, when it’s faster enough to download the same.


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