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An audio codec is basically a program that codes or decodes a digital data stream into audio output. The AC’97 Audio Codec is one of the most popular stereo audio codec software that users can download for free. The software can be used on most Windows based operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Unfortunately, the program is still incompatible with the Mac OS X operating system.

However, it works perfectly on a number of other AMR and CNR-based multimedia systems as well as soft audio providers. It can be used on multimedia computers, 3D computer games, on information appliances, on voice recognition devices, and even on audio conferencing devices.


The AC ’97 Audio Codec comes packed with useful audio enhancement and compatibility features. It is an audio codec designed for soft audio/host, AMR, and CNR based systems. It comes in different versions with 2-channel, 6-channel, or 8-channel designs. The program incorporates converter technology capable of achieving a signal-to-noise ratio of over 90dB. Another great feature of the software is the fact it supports multiple codec extensions each coming with variable sampling rates as well as built-in high performance 3D sound effects. It has a double pair of stereo outputs each pair having its own volume controls.
The AC ’97 Audio Codec incorporates mono and multiple stereo outputs as well as mixing, mute, and gain functions to provide the user with an integrated audio solution. It can also be used on both PCs and netbooks. The program supports SPDIF output function which makes it easy for the user to connect from PC to other electronic gadgets. It comes with Windows drivers and a number of sound effects such as karaoke, 26 sound environments, as well as a 5-band equalizer. Other important features include 18-bit ADC resolution as well as 20-bit DAC resolution, power management capacities, and external amplifier power down ability.


In comparison with other similar programs such as K-Lite Codec Pack, LAME Encoder, dBPowerAmp, and Speex, the AC ’97 Audio Codec is more popular based on consumer ratings on the basis of usability, functionality, stability, and ease of installation although some users claim that the codec lacks in interface and appearance.


The AC’97 Audio Codec is regarded as a high quality, versatile, comprehensive and reliable solution to your inadequate audio output problems. Best of all it is available on a freeware license which means users can download it from the official site without paying a cent.


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