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There are many web apps and websites that provide the details of the given domain name and the mail server. DomainHosting View is a comprehensive application that allows the users to obtain the details of a particular given domain name.


DomainHosting View performs various DNS and WHOIS queries to gather all the possible information regarding the provided domain name. This program provides the details within few seconds of the query i.e. a valid domain name. The information displayed includes the hosting company which hosts the website or company through which the domain name is registered, the list of all DNS and MX records, name and details of the person to whom the domain is registered, domain creation date, domain expiration date, last renewal date, IP address information, other raw information, and more.

The obtained report can be either copied to the clipboard or pasted into other third party utilities like word and notepad. The report can also be saved as an HTML file. The saved HTML file can be viewed using a browser or it can be copied to external drives such as USB flash drives and hard drives and used offline. DomainHosting View is a portable application and hence it does not make any changes to the Windows registry. As it is a lightweight application, it consumes very low PC memory. Even though it is not a standalone application, this program works well effectively without any bugs. This application features a simple, clean and easy to use interface that provides user comfort, as a major part of the interface is dedicated to the generated report. Advanced users or users who wish to collect information only about a single domain, can set the application according to their preferences.


Some alternatives of DomainHosting View are Mr Who, WHOIS CL, WHOIS Utility, NetToolSet, Axence NetTools, BePing, Bulk WHOIS Finder, and a lot more. Among these software programs, some operate as a command line interface which distracts the users without providing a comfortable user experience, some operate as a standalone application which provides additional exporting features such as Excel file exporting, multiple domain name search at the same time. But, DomainHosting View has its own dedicated large user-friendly interface and operates much faster even on a slow computer.


If you are looking for an efficient application which provides you the information of a particular domain in seconds, then DomainHosting View is the recommended solution. This application benefits webmaster and other tech professionals.


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