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Data connections were an important task for all users, which helps them to establish connection as well as data transferring through protocols like SSH, and Telnet. User can accomplish this task with the help of an application like ZOC. This is a packaged application by which user can manage and create connections. Also, this application gives the facility of establishing various connections at a time and user can accomplish many tasks with a single host. ZOC is a clean emulator for controlling remote hosts having a user-friendly interface.


Transferring data and establishing connections with different hosts is a handy task for every user. There are plenty of options available for the user to connect two or more devices with each other. These connection tasks can only be performed with the help of an application. ZOC is that helpful application for users who wants to transfer data over a network or wants to establish connections. The architecture of client- server application is very popular as they have to link various hosts for sending and receiving data. ZOC enables you to manage and control connections via ISDN and other modes of communications. This application also works as an emulator and carries different but important functions for connections like Telnet or Secure Shell. Another important feature of this application is that it can handle various connections at a time. ZOC allows user to transfer files more securely. With this application, user can also manage the functioning of connections using keyboard shortcuts. User has the facility to configure these shortcuts according to their need. This application provides the facility of linking with remote host for transferring and receiving data through these connections. Another important feature is the automation capability by which user can automate connections with configuring the functions related to it. A perfectly organized user interface of ZOC allows user to control their connections, configure commands for these connections, transfers data and many more. Also this is a light weighted application having easy operating and tabbed mechanism which has the possibility of managing various connections. On the startup user will find easy to use functions by which user can extract all functions. Although ZOC has a clear-cut interface but it is an application that must be operated only by professional users having some knowledge of managing connections.


There are many applications present which provides same operating mechanism like ZOC. Some of them are BlueSoleil, Binfer Transfer and Backuptrans. But the features provided by ZOC like establishing connection, transferring data, multitasking and automatic controlling make this application a useful and most used application. Simple and user friendly interface with easy operating functions make it a best choice in comparison to its alternatives.


ZOC is a useful light weighted emulator application for users who wants to manage and control their data connections on the go. With friendly GUI and various exciting features like data transferring, automatic commands and connections for Telnet and Secure shell make it a useful application. User can also assign commands to control connections using their keyboard.


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