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ZipGenius is like a one stop solution for all functionality related to distinctive compression options. In addition, it provides a huge range of additional features. Apart from compressing, or uncompressing, it performs efficiently for coding and decoding tasks. Talking about some of its other utilities, it supports Pocket PC through Active Sync, bring and put feature, and many others. You can post archives through mails, in addition with making the archives and files available through FTP over the web.


  • Mark the point – It is here to mention that the standard version is not having FTPGenius. However, you can use it through download as an additional stuff. The users can have it through Suite Edition package as well.
  • Supportive and Multi-tasking – It is primarily recommended because of its efficient and protective engine that provides the needful options for dealing with the archives. The best part about the tool is that it supports a great variety of formats. The most frequent names like ZIP, RAR, EXE, CAB, etc; all are supported by the tool. Apart from this, it can work well with password secured archives. The tool is capable of dealing with CD-R/RW drives.
  • User-Friendly – Being User-Friendly is one of the prime concerns for any applications. On this aspect, it is here to mention that the ZIP Genius provides the best interface in comparison with the contemporaries. It associates distinct options to deal with major functionalities.
  • Latest and smart performer – Performing the zipping work through Command Prompt Window makes it a pretty simple tool. It doesn’t turn out to be like an old wine in new bottle. In fact, it revamps the earlier methodologies of zipping works.
  • Flexible –While going for the extracting work from the archive, the users can go with the option of decompressing the complete file, or the chosen options. You are having the option to make the thing through particular formats as well. You have the flexibility to set the tool in a way to notice prior overwriting the present files, and opening the targeted folder as the job is done. Additionally, it provides back-up too, being protective. In addition you can turn a zipped thing into multiple archives. You can put your comments, mention the date, and time specifications as well.
  • Simple enough for all – The best part about the tool is its simplicity despite being a feature rich tool. The beginners can handle it smoothly. At the other end, this is a very good platform to experiment for the expert folks.


ZipGenius is a great application in its category and despite having many competitors like WinRar, 7 Zip, etc, it is un-matchable in terms of simplicity, feature richness, and efficiency.


ZipGenius is a fantastic tool for the contemporary people to deal with the compressing/zip works, and thus making your system efficient.


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