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A web application, which offers message management, creation, and reception roles, is often regarded as email client. One of the best and simplest email clients and contact managers is Zimbra Desktop that is in fact very advanced and is totally free of cost.


Zimbra Desktop is one of the intuitive types of Windows app, which is built with the intention to deal with numerous email accounts from one distinct interface. This even permits to download all the messages of email to view it in offline mode. During the method of installation, there is a need to indicate the provider for example, Gmail, IMAP service, etc and then provide the particulars about the account such as email address, the definite password, and some account settings. Any extra email account can also be inserted. The program can also be used to verify each of the messages at a particular period of time and then synchronize the calendars, the groups as well as the contacts. It also possesses a clean and straightforward design, which can offer the chance to go through the e-mail messages, respond, forward, or remove these, print the chosen information, put in tags and lastly, mark the things as unread or as read. There is also an integrated calendar in order to note down appointments that can be modified in accordance with the subject, the beginning and ending time, the status such as busy and also the reminder. Any new contact name is also allowed to be inserted to the list by means of adding information about name, the title of job, business name, and email address along with contact number, individual address, the notes and also the URL. In addition, the contacts can be found out in alphabetical way. Last but not the least important feature is that, the tasks can be created by putting in a name, entering the priority, selecting the start date and end date, as well as inserting a reminder.

Additionally, to know which version is running, Zimbra Desktop contains a tray icon within the system tray. For viewing, the tray icon is to be right clicked to select the option- About Zimbra Desktop. This particular About dialog will confirm the version along with build number. While reporting any issue, the version as well as the build number should be included.


The alternatives of Zimbra Desktop are Thunderbird (It is a free and popular messaging client), Apple Mail (It alters the method one interact with any email daily), Evolution (It is the workgroup information running device for GNOME) and Mutt (It is a small but extremely potent text-related mail client designed for the Unix operating systems. It has color support features, message threading and so on).


Zimbra Desktop indeed presents a user-friendly environment for facilitating to read emails and also reply to it. It is appropriate for beginners and experts equally. It responds rapidly to all commands and the performance of any computer is not going to be obstructed and no faults or hangs will pop, thanks to its intuitive interface.


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