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Modern email supports file exchanging but it is often limited to very small sizes and very few formats. Sharing large files from cloud providers is also a risk as the URL is made publicly accessible and is a no go for private data. Zeta Uploader is an online service provider where uploaded files can be shared with recipients over time limited unique URLs sent to their mailbox.


The Windows client software for Zeta Uploader features a Spartan interface. The user has the option to choose files to upload, specify email addresses (separated with comma), any remarks regarding the files, expiry date or expiry based on number of downloads, password protect the file and choose recipients language preferences. Zeta Uploader has two account types – free and business. Free account type features 500 MB file size limit and a maximum of 30 days limit for uploaded files to remain valid (a shorter time can also be specified). The original uploader has an option to get notified when any recipients download the file by email. Also, passwords for files can either be sent in the same mail, in a different mail or may not be shared (presumed to be shared personally over other media). Uploaded files are usually compressed and uploaded in order to save bandwidth. The software can be configured to login automatically to Zeta Uploader account and edit personal information including signature and gravatar images.

The software also allows other settings through which the update checking intervals, confirmation boxes and reply-to addresses can be set. The software also features Drop Box integration whereby the user can upload from or download to Drop Box account. The service also provides anti-virus and anti-malware capabilities to scan uploaded files for potential vulnerabilities. Apart from full Windows setup, there is also an Outlook add-in and a Console client for those you like console interface. The standard setup features a simple installation process but there is standalone, no-installation client as well as portable installation client available. Note that the desktop client for Windows lacks any option to view the history of uploaded files and login through the website is required for verification.


Existing cloud storage solutions on Windows such as One Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc provide ways to share files but URLs are often made public and cannot be password protected. Further there are limits to file sizes which can be uploaded. Similar services to Zeta Uploader is provided by WeTranfer, FileServe, ShareFile(which is commercial). Torrents are another opportunity but entail significant complication and the file may be shared with everybody without privacy. Setting up SFTP server in another option for Windows but it entails significant complications about security and setup.


Zeta Uploader is a simple and lucid file uploading/sharing program in Windows with password protection for security. The file access can be limited in either time or in number of downloads. Furthermore, the desktop client also features settings panel to configure the software to needs.


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