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Zentimo xStorage Manager is an efficient tool for managing all the removable devices such as USB Flash Drives, external Hard Drives, card readers and other external portable devices through a single system tray icon. The application allows users to specify properties for specific external removable devices.


Zentimo xStorage Manager is a useful and effective application which makes it possible to manage multiple USB removable storage devices from a single icon in the system tray. The application provides supports for all the external removable devices such as USB Flash Drives, portable media devices, external hard disks and card readers.

The application not only allows access to the devices from the system tray, but also enables users to manage the applications stored on these devices. Therefore if a user wants an application to auto run when the device on which it is stored is mounted, Zentimo xStorage Manager can activate this function. Similarly, the application can be used to activate other functions such as auto run an application when a device is disconnected, hiding specific devices, stopping a particular device using a hotkey function and directly accessing files on the connected devices.

Custom launch menu for specific devices can be created using this application and can be used to directly and quickly access programs and files from the devices. The configuration menu allows specifying the settings for the application and device functions such as activating and deactivating certain features and properties. The application also displays technical details about the devices such as speed of the devices, available space and supports functions such as speed testing, auto mounting volumes of TrueCrypt and other technical features. It has a simple and easy to use interface and supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


USB Manager is an application similar to Zentimo xStorage Manager. The application allows controlled access to the USB devices connected to a computer. Users can use to application to block certain USB devices to prevent unauthorised access, activate password protection and configure hotkeys for the connected devices. The connected devices can be accessed from the system tray icon and also from the application window for enabling and disabling devices.


Zentimo xStorage Managers is an efficient application for managing all the connected USB devices from a single tray icon. The application is useful for controlling the access to the devices and the programs and files on the devices. Users can manage all the connected external drives from a single icon and can configure settings such as auto run and other similar features. The application is also useful for checking the technical details of the connected devices.


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