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This application has been scripted primarily to stay away from information malfunction and ultimately to offer a complete bundle of security stuff for your system. However, make sure this is not meant exclusively to fight against the bugs in your system. Rather, you can associate it with something like an antivirus, which offer most improved protection for a system.


Professional usage

It can efficiently deal with the displays, hidden cameras, and other similar ways, without hampering much the systems. The best part is that it never interferes with functionalities of other protective stuffs those can be applied over the system.

The application includes various committed options for protecting the system against varieties of PC users. It is certainly having the ability to be the most enhanced protective tool to be applied in professional purpose. The application keeps on providing you with hints of possible threats in regular intervals. However, it has the flexibility to offer users with the customisation option of being specific about the threats. Hence, you can avoid unwanted alarms.

Best Interface and enhanced security option:

The application involves the sleekest interface. Despite being a protective tool it opens up all its option in an apparent way so that one can finely deal with it. It has got a huge settings panel where you can finetune the security options, and be specific about receiving the information or alarms. Also, the default pattern is enough to fix most of your issues.

Nice blend with antivirus

It hardly affects other parts of a system and can be combined to provide you with the ultimate output. The application has been thoroughly tested and found to be working fine with most of the antivirus without slowing down the system process, bringing issues like hangs, crashes, and others.
Least Resource Consuming:

Also, the product being a feature rich, this application consumes really less space of just 27.8 MB. In addition, keeping well with the antivirus, the application takes security to a next level.


There are many other applications available over the web having the similar functionalities. You can take the example of Key Scrambler, Guarded ID for example. However, Zemana Antilogger is a much enhanced and revamped tool to provide security in a better way.


If you are interested in a tool that can provide you with the best solution regarding your protection issue so that you can remain assured for a longer while, then the Zemana Antilogger should be your option.


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