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A general PC user with Windows will go length and breadth to protect their computer against malicious programs and viruses with anti-virus software, malware detectors, encryption and firewalls. But often than not, many such credential theft occurs via key-logging. The basic technique is recording the key strokes of a victim’s computer and then forwarding it remotely – thus capturing all the credentials despite the user’s best efforts. Such key-logging can however be avoided by using an anti key-logging software which basically stops this attack. Zemana’s AntiLogger free is a freeware for home users, which provides security against key-logging software and works in tandem with any previously installed anti-virus software on the computer.


The software presents the user with a simple and lucid user interface listing the keyboard protection module and a sliding On button which indicates whether the software is running or not. The software automatically checks for updates if available. Unlike other software, which checks against database and scans your whole computer, AntiLogger basically monitors for any suspicious process and shuts it down accordingly. It can also alert the user about the activity and what it trying to do. AntiLogger achieves keyboard protection by encrypting each keystroke and rendering any key capture event obsolete. The software runs on the background without consuming system resources and does its job quietly. However the free version cannot detect some keystroke like multi key with Ctrl involved or the Enter key neither will it protect the user from SSL attacks. Since it can scramble keys, it will also protect Windows logon credentials as well. Though theoretically keyloggers can bypass it, in testing none of the key-logging software could detect keys as tested by Zemana.


Zemana AntiLogger Free is a freeware for Windows and also works with Windows 8 as well. Similar functionality is provided by some other software as well like KeyScrambler, which does the same key scrambling at kernel level and provides security against key-logging but the free version only works for browsers and does not protect other software. Oxynger KeySheild is such software, which provides almost identical facility with arguably more features like blocking screenshots and mouse clicks as well. In case of Linux, there are key loggers that can affect but since most software require root access for installation, so installing only trusted software should do the job.


Zemana AntiLogger Free is a great freeware and provides complete anti-key logging solution for any user specially if they uses computer for financial purposes. It comes with a very simple interface and can run in background without consuming much resource. The pro version has more features available like malware detection and deletion along with protection from SSL attacks and blocking multi-key events as well.


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