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YoWindow is a new kind of weather application, which displays weather conditions over a beautifully animated landscape. It provides the picture instead of the weather data and even displays the weather forecast of the location chosen. The landscape which is shown by YoWindow changes according to the conditions of the weather.


Program shows the landscape along with the details of the weather like wind information, current temperature, humidity and pressure. Weather forecast is shown by this software for the next couple of days. During this forecast, as the natural weather changes, the displayed information and the landscape changes accordingly. It shows the weather information using the US or Metric units. The data which you want to be displayed can be easily selected.

There are multiple landscapes, which can be chosen like seaside, sky, airport and village. The photo of personal choice can be taken which makes the application even closer to reality. Default location settings can be used, and there is detailed documentation in the software which helps to prepare the images which are to be used by this. YoWindow even teaches the use of graphic editor which can be used to remove anything from the images.

Even though there is a moderate CPU usage, still it can be used to play the role of screensaver. YoWindow runs on full screen and a comprehensive settings menu is also available in the software which provides lots of features like locations, units, landscapes and weather. The weather forecast is depicted for the next three days in the free version but for getting the forecast for next nine days, it has to be upgraded to paid version. Installation is to be done carefully as some of the unnecessary applications are dropped in the computer.


YoWindow can be compared to other applications, which are similar to it. These are the Weather Channel, Forecast, WeatherBug, Weathermob and many more. Weather Channel is the application which gives weather updates with forecasts, alerts, full screen maps, etc when a location is entered. Forecast gives the weather forecast for the next 7 days which cover weather visualization in a beautiful manner and a time machine to explore the weather in the past and in future. WeatherBug gives current temperature and weather alerts in the taskbar. Weathermob is one of the largest weather communities. Even if all the other applications are good enough, YoWindow comes out to be best taking into account all the features exhibited by it.


YoWindow is an efficient weather application which is clean and it can be used as a screensaver also. It is provided with beautiful graphics which can run on all the versions of Windows and does not seem to have any kind of negative impact on the performance of the computer. One of the special features of YoWindow is that it is possible to know the weather actually by looking at the landscape. It gives the feeling as if the natural weather is seen out of the window.


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