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Walkmans are nowadays replaced by iPods and the reason behind this is the change in technology. Each and every user wants to use crystal clear sound quality and for this they can connect their iPod to the computer system and transfer songs to it. It can only be possible if user has an application to perform this task. One such application is YamiPod, which enables user to facilitate transfer of sound tracks between computer system and iPod. Also, user can perform various functions using this application. It comes with an easy GUI and user-friendly interface.


Increasing the sound quality of an iPod is every user’s priced possession but needs many important tasks. Nothing will be much advantageous for the user that there is an important application present to transfer sound files on the iPod to the computer system or vice versa which is YamiPod. This application allows user to add playlists, rate the sound tracks and as many operations on a sound file. Not only sound files but also user can add videos files too in the iPod library using this application. One of the important features of this application is that it scans all the files and folder present on the iPod and creates a database of all of them, which makes it easier for the user to maintain all the files. Also, this application doesn’t runs automatically but starts up only when needed by the user. Another important feature of YamiPod is that it allows user to copy and paste various files from the iPod to the computer system or from the PC to the iPod in order to update the iPod library. For this process user either go for copy and paste option, however drag and drop method is also available for the user. One more feature, which makes YamiPod an important application for the users is ‘Remove Duplicate’ option which deletes all the files that are copied in the iPod more than once. The best part is YamiPod is available in more than 20 languages. Additionally, YamiPod comes in a friendly user interface which makes it easier to operate for all users, doesn’t matter if they know anything about this or not. It is a light weighted application which is also a helpful part of this application.


There are many alternatives present in the market of this application. Some of them are Music Library, Jajuk and VisiTrax Lite. But the features available with YamiPod give it priority over all other similar applications. These features include easy copy and paste function, easy library updating process with both audio as well as video files and many more. Removing duplicate files to free unnecessary space from the iPod is also a helpful feature of this application.


YamiPod is a useful application for all users who wants to transfer their files from computer system to the iPod in order to increase the sound quality of the iPod. It comes in a user-friendly interface with easily operating mechanism for all user type like beginners or advanced. Also it is a light weighted application enabling user to use other application in parallel.


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