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Yadis! Backup is an effective application for performing backup activities for important files and folders. The application allows users to specify the files and folders for which they want to create backup copies and the backups are created and updated in real time. The application also supports file versioning for saving multiple versions of the same files.


Yadis! Backup is a useful program for backing up important files and folders on a computer. Users can specify the source files and folders and can exclude certain specific files. The application allows selecting the destination folders and the backup can also be saved on external drives.

The application monitors the specified files and folders continuously and creates real time backups of the files. Therefore, as soon as any changes are made to the files, the changes are immediately effected in the backup versions of the files as well. In the instance when the specified destination for backups is an external drive and is not available at a particular time, the application creates a backlog and the files are backed up once the drive is available.

Yadis! Backup also supports file versioning. It saves the history and logs of the files, thereby saving multiple versions of the same files. Users can specify the groups for performing certain tasks and specify the names for the groups as well as description with certain information. In case a backup operation is stopped due to a system issue or manually, it can be continued from where it was paused. The application is easy to install and has an intuitive interface making it simple to be operated even by new users. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


MirrorFolder is an application similar to Yadis! Backup. The application performs real time backup and synchronisation of folders and allows saving files and folders on specified drives on the computer, external devices as well as network drives. Saving backups in real time is helpful in the instances when the original files are not available or if the system crashes. The backup activity is performed by the application in the background and does not affect the performance of the system while doing so. The program saves multiple versions of the files and users can archive previous versions of the files and can restore from these previous versions in case it is needed.


Yadis! Backup is an efficient program for creating real time backup of the important files and folders. Users can select the folders which are monitored by the application and whenever a file is added or updated, the application performs the backup activity instantly in the real time. The backup data can be saved to the specified locations and even on external drives.


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