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XMPlay is a simple and compact audio and MOD player which supports multiple audio file formats, several playlist types and internet streaming of all the supported file formats. The application can also write WAV files in the range of 8 bit to 32 bit.


XMPlay is a highly efficient compact MOD and audio file player. The application supports various audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, UMX, XM, MO3 and WAV among others. The program also supports Module file format or (MOD) and playlist formats such as ASX, PLS and M3U.

The application provides support for streaming of all the supported file formats directly from the internet. It can write WAV files with bit range of 8 to 32. Other functions included in the application are pan and volume ramping, interpolation, reverb, 5 band equalizer and automatic gain control.

The program also supports other foreign plugins including Winamp. The application has a large settings menu which allows for several tweaks. The settings can be changed for output options, association, titles, appearance, output options and configuration of playlists.

XMPlay has an intuitive interface and is easy to install and use. It is a standalone program and does not require any installation. It uses very low amount of system resources. Even new users can easily use the application without any hassles. The program incorporates all the features of Winamp and can be configured to have functionality similar to Winamp. Since the application is standalone and does not require any installation, it is portable in nature and can be carried on external devices and therefore can be used on multiple computers. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


jetAudio is an application similar to XMPlay. It supports several major video and audio file formats. The application can be installed with Winamp plugins. The program functions as a media center and after installation asks for basic settings to be used for the files. The program is capable of ripping audio CDs and conversion and encoding of files to several other formats.


XMPlay is a highly useful audio and MOD player with support for most of the major file formats. The program also supports different formats of playlists and has functions which can directly play internet streams of the videos which are in the format supported by the application. The program also includes support for conversion of WAV file formats and is compatible with several external plugins including Winamp which makes it functioning similar to Winamp. The application is standalone and does not require any installation. This makes the application portable and can be carried on external drives as well.


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