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Xion Audio Player is a compact and high utility audio player that has several features for efficient functioning and management of audio files. The application supports most of the popular audio files formats and can also directly stream audio from the Internet. The skin of the player can be modified.


Xion Audio Player is an efficient audio file player that has several highly useful features. The application supports several audio file formats which are commonly used and include MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, CDA, FLAC and OGG. The application can directly stream audio files from the internet.

The program has a highly customizable interface option. The interface designs are quite slick and the transparency can be adjusted by the users. Users can also design their own interface skins and personalize the player as per their choices.

The player has a 10 band equalizer and has several preset values which support most of the major audio file types. The other standard features of the layer include audio library, random play, repeat play, visualizations and support for various playlist types. The application also includes presets for various radio stations, single key operations from the tray and various hotkey options. Users can also determine the output devices, rate of the output, crossfading while changing tracks and other similar functions. The application can be integrated with the Internet Explorer in the auto play and context menu. The program can be made the native media player for the Internet Explorer.

The application uses low amount of resources and does not require large system resources. It has an intuitive interface and simple menu options which can be easily operated even by new users. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Quintessential Media Player is an application similar to Xion Audio Player. The application supports several audio file formats and can be customized using several options. The users can use the application for ripping CDs, specifying encoding formats, enabling hotkey options, allow saving stream. The application can be configured to monitor specific folders and whenever a new file is added to the folder, it will automatically get imported.


Xion Audio Player is a highly useful application for playing audio files. The application supports all the important audio file formats and can stream videos directly from the internet. There program has several preset values and interface skin options. The user interface is simple and can be very easily operated. The application has 10 band equalizer option and supports various output options.


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