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Xilisoft Audio Maker is a Windows application used to convert audio files from one particular format to another. The application doubles as a CD burner as well as performing CD ripping functions. Xilisoft Audio Maker supports a large spectrum of audio formats currently in use.


With only a Windows OS (either Windows Vista, XP-SP2 or later or Windows 7), 512MB RAM, a 1GHz processor, at least 40MB hard disk installation space, a 16-bit graphics card and a recordable CD drive, you are ready to run your Xilisoft Audio Maker application. The main functions of this software include: Burning MP3 files onto CDs; Ripping DVDs and CDs to the MP3 format; Converting video files to audio catering for single files and batch files alike; and Converting audio files from one format to another. The key features of this application that enable it to perform these functions include: file adjusting properties that allow a user to change bit rates and audio quality before converting; file splitting; customizing the file size; converting single files into various formats; retrieval of DVD information from the internet; allowing users to edit ID3 Tags; and a variety of ‘after conversion’ options that it performs automatically. In addition Xilisoft Audio Maker has a simple interface with the three main functions slotted into three separate tabs. These tabs are predetermined profiles from which a user can choose to convert a file to loss-less audio formats, mobile phone formats or general audio.
Xilisoft Corporation, the developers of Xilisoft Audio Maker, is big player in the multimedia conversion solutions industry.


The two main competitors of Xilisoft Audio Maker are AVS Audio Editor and DJ Audio Editor. DJ Audio Editor allows a user to edit sounds, record audio from different sources as well save audio files in ones desired format. AVS Audio Editor is a bit more complicated as it is a complete audio editor, however, it performs conversion, recording and extraction functions.


When all is said and done, Xilisoft Audio Maker turns out to be a very capable piece of software in performing audio file manipulation functions. Designed for the standard user, the application is refined to enable any user to produce a professional result. Buy the latest version of Xilisoft Audio Maker today.


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