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The most popular pack of software in most open-source Web servers includes PHP Scripting language, MySQL database, and Apache Server. This stack of software is known in Windows as WAMP and as LAMP in Linux. XAMPP is a cross-platform development server which, unlike WAMP and LAMP, can be installed on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris. It comes with an easy one-click installation feature.


XAMPP is the most complete package which includes extra tools such as phpMyAdmin database tools, Mercury mail server, JSP server Tomcat, Filezilla FTP, and Perl Programming language besides Apache, PHP, and MySQL found in WAMP and LAMP. All these tools can easily be configured in the XAMPP control panel. Installing the program does not require any detailed configurations and can be completed in less than ten minutes.

One of the best features of XAMPP is its installation design which makes it fast and easy to install and configure. It comes with a number of features that enable users to handle various tasks such as accelerating PHP content, and generating traffic reports. It also comes with tools to make uploading and downloading files using ProFTPD FTP servers fast and easy. The program provides the user with easy start and stop commands for each application. For example, you can run Apache only or any combination like Apache and MySQL together. It comes with OpenSSL which provides users with added security.
XAMPP has the ability to switch from PHP4 and PHP5 and back very fast. This is a useful feature for developers seeking to test the compatibility of their applications in both PHP versions. Other features include GD graphic libraries, gdbm, XML, SQLite database packages, Webalizator, Perl, Mod, IMAP C-Client, Zlib, and many other packages.


In comparison to other similar software packages such as WAMPServer, Apache HTTP Server, and Baby Web Server, XAMPP has a higher rate of usability, is easier to install, is more stable, and has better functionality and appearance. It is one of the most preferred and reliable choice for web server testing. Unlike WAMP and LAMP packages, XAMPP installs across all platforms from Windows and Linux to Solaris. It is a multi-platform software package.


XAMPP is an easy to install, pre-configured and pre-compiled software package with Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL database as well as other extra tools needed to run Perl and PHP web applications. It is available under a freeware license which means you can download it for free. Its installation is an easy one click process. It comes with a number of extra tools absent in other similar software packages.


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