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Web of Trust, which is also called as WOT is a crowd-sourced security app that measures the reliability of websites as well as links on the basis of user reviews. By means of WOT this will provide the user more thorough breakdown of online ratings in accordance with Trustworthiness, Privacy, along with Child Safety, which are rated by online users. However, obviously, this must not substitute a good Malware security but only puts in another excellent layer of protection.


From the name, WOT for Internet Explorer, it is clear that this small add-on is used for Internet Explorer in order to protect the PC from spyware, malware or any other harmful content through showing the overall rating of the websites. After a fast and free installation method, this extension shows a green circle on the toolbar of the web browser. By clicking on it, the scores that have been received by all of the WOT users according to reliability and child safety, will be revealed.

This is really a simple extension and this is possible to activate or also deactivate it easily from add-on manager that is enfolded in Internet Explorer. In addition, it becomes somewhat evident that WOT designed for Internet Explorer can be granted to all types of users. Being a crowd-sourced type of software system that works by allowing the online visitors to assess the websites, it also permits the user to vouch their ratings. However, in this case, it is necessary to make an account. In fact, the process of doing this is not very long; the user can use their Facebook account or Google Plus account to register.

The ratings that are available, vary from Very Poor level to the Excellent level and it is probable to display or hide the entry of child safety from the extension, and choose the level of security, one wants to apply, or customize it to just receive alerts or block the risky websites overall.
Last but not least, one must learn that this add-on is able to show a rating symbol beside links in a somewhat lengthy list of all search engines, such as Bing, Google, etc and its details on a pop-up menu.


The alternative software of WOT are McAfee SiteAdvisor (a free browser add-on that offers simple Website security ratings along with one Secure Search box to surf and shop more securely), Norton Safe Web (defends through advising the users of spiteful URLs), TrendProtect (evaluates the current webpage and also the pages shown in Google and other search results) and Webutation (examines sites against constant malware scripts and gathers user feedback).


WOT is obviously proficient and helpful system of software that can be employed to keep any PC out of the way of harm. The performance of the computer will not have any affect at all, because it runs gently in background and its response time is also very well.


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