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World Clock is a flash application specifically to simplify the time-zone complications for all those people who have a vivid interest in knowing the time in different countries at one particular time. This is a simple, and perhaps the most easy to use world clock that you’ll find online. This world clock has been developed such that one can easily access it at any point of time, from anywhere in the world to get the required time zones, the details about the time in different countries, different continents, and multiple cities, all at one go.


World Clock has an intuitive interface where user will see a world map, with all the time zones specifically marked to ease it for the user. Now, to make it more simples, it has been equipped with a tool, which allows you to drag and then drop the cursor to the location whose time you want to know. There is also a tool, which marks down all the cities, countries. Countries are also marked according to their flags, and user can easily drag and drop to the desired country, just by seeing the flag. For a better view of the clock, it has been equipped with a Zoom In/Out, activated by the wheel of your Mouse. There is an additional and optional tool for Solar Terminator also in this application. This software lets you add and then delete the time zones as well, for which a simple mouse click is enough. This application can be used on Windows 8 and requires user to install Adobe Flash Player.


Similar software and applications in the online market allow you to view the time in different time zones, but World Clock, equipped with an efficient working platform, is preferred over all of them. It had some clichés and a poor solar terminator in its launched version, but then developers enhanced this tool in the latest released versions.


World Clock is a simple, and perhaps the most easy to use world clock that you’ll find online. If you have a thing for knowing the time of different countries and their respective time zones, install World Clock right away.


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